Otago University Water Polo League

Otago University Water Polo Club is a club that brings players from all over the country together to play the sport they love, or used to love. We have found that many great athletes get so involved with uni that they no longer play sports. Or for others, they come to uni and want to find a new sport to play with friends. Our goal is to bring anyone and everyone together to have a splash around in the pool every so often. 

In semester 2 we run a competition on a certain day of the week, where teams face off and have a bit of fun! We would love to give new players and old players the chance to get back in the water and have a good time. 

Please contact otagouniversitywaterpolo@gmail.com if you have any questions or queries. 


2022 Otago University League Final Rankings

1st - Otepoti WC

2nd - Capybaras

3rd - The Barbarians 

4th - Balls Deep 

5th - Aquaholics 

6th - Mallards

7th - Beaches Whales 

8th - Sea Cows 

9th - Little Swimmers 

10th - Aquassins 

11th - Ugly Ducklings 

12th - Beta Blockers

13th - Mary Berry’s Egg Beaters

14th - Wet Rats (Wooden Spoon Winners)

15th - The Medics (due to default)

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